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We have added a interactive area 'Freemasonry Universal.'


Or indeed just hit the Portal Button on this page ------->  Interactive Portal

The Portal button on the heading will bring you back to this page. Where you can gain entrance again by hitting the above Button

You have the existing on line services which have links all over this site.

There will be links in the new software to bring you back to these pages, if you wish to return to the interactive part of the site you just make your way back to this page.

Some of the basic pages are reproduced to keep you in touch with the existing site, but there you may add and send in comments or indeed contribute directly to the information contained on the site.

We have a number of sites which already produce a great deal of information on Freemasonry you will find links and explanations on the interactive section of the site.

It will take some time to add all the facilities, but it will be worth waiting.



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